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Gamberoni Pasta

May 12, 2020 by Jodi MacKinnon (QFG) Leave a Comment
David's Spicy Dip



  1. Drizzle extra virgin olive oil on shrimp, perfect size for pasta.
  2. Sprinkle David’s Special Steak Rub on shrimp and barbeque until cooked.
  3. Boil pasta (Spaghetti is my favourite) In a sauté pan cook finely chopped onions, add David’s Caesar Paste, the shrimp, then spaghetti.
  4. Toss until well coated, and enjoy!

About Jodi MacKinnon (QFG)

Qualifirst’s COO, Jodi loves cooking and baking, taking raw ingredients and turning them into something that is absolutely delicious, with just the right flavour balance, is one of her favourite pastimes.