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David’s Condiments’ expertly blended, preservative free, spice rubs explode with zesty flavour. Whether preparing a particular food, interested in a specific flavour profile, or cooking up regional fare, David’s rubs enhance flavour effortless. Spice up steak, seafood, pork, poultry and veggies in a shake. From smoky paprika, to Louisiana inspired Cajun rub, to authentic herbs de Provence, this variety pack of eight lets you explore David’s most popular blends. A must have for every busy chef’s pantry.

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    Herbs de Provence - Savory, oregano, rosemary, thyme. Smoked Paprika - Paprika. Chicken Rub - Garlic, rosemary. Spices, thyme, basil. Special Steak Rub - Garlic, yellow mustard, spices, red bell pepper, citric acid. Seafood Rub - Garlic, herbs, spices. Veggie Rub - Garlic, oregano, spices, citric acid, lemon oil, red bell peppers. Cajun Rub - Red bell pepper, cayenne. spices. Rib Rub - Cane sugar, black pepper, paprika, onion, garlic, mustard, mesquite flavor (corn maltodextrin, mesquite smoke flavor, silicone dioxide - anti-caking agent), vinegar powder (corn maltodextrin, modified food starch, vinegar), spirulina, citric acid, blue spirulina (trehalose, sodium citrate).

    • VEGGIE RUB & HERBES DE PROVENCE – This Veggie Rub is especially put together to make the perfect and easy seasoning for your vegetables, with ingredients including garlic, oregano, red bell pepper, cumin, thyme, citric acid, lemon oil and other spices. Herbes de Provence has AOC designation, an indication of quality and guarantees all herbs are from Provence. Our Herbs de Provence are an integral ingredient to make proper ratatouilles, ease of use with delicious flavour-filled results.
    • PAPRIKA, CAJUN & SEAFOOD Paprika gives chorizo its nice red colour, acts as a lovely garnish for devilled eggs or potato salad, is great for marinades and BBQ sauces. Cajun rub is absolutely for Jambalayas and Gumbos, as well as being used as an all around meat stasoning. Seafood pairs perfectly with fish, homemade tartar, crab cakes, prawns and more!
    • SWEET AND SMOKEY RIBS – This Rib Spice Rub is a dry rub that is absolutely perfect for spicing up your baby back ribs. Full of flavour, deliciously smoky, great on its own or an excellent compliment to your favourite bbq sauce. Prepare for everyone to come running, because this spice is truly irresistible.
    • SALT-FREE RUBS – All made without the use of sodium, our rubs are the perfect way of adding some delicious flavours to your foods in a heart-healthy manner. Most seasonings are packed with salt to cut corners and make up for the lack of flavour. We strive to do the opposite.