Herbs de Provence (AOC) Premium 15 g Davids

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Herbs de Provence (AOC) Premium 15 g Davids
15 g
Herb de Provence Rub (AOC) Plastic Bottle 55 g Davids
55 g

A blend of the finest wild herbs from the south of France. Herb de Provence Rub (AOC) includes savory, rosemary and thyme. The AOC designation is an indication of quality and guarantees that all the herbs are from Provence. An essential seasoning in ratatouille it's also delicious on grilled vegetables. Add it to a marinade of fresh garlic, extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice for lamb, chicken or fish. Mix with Maldon salt and sprinkle on puff pastry straws before baking.

Origin: France France
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    Savory, oregano, rosemary, thyme.