Lemon Herb Rub 110 g Davids

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Lemon Herb Rub 110 g Davids
110 g

A bold, bright, fresh citrus flavour that transforms any meal. Lemon Herb Rub is made from a triple mix of lemon juice powder, lemon oil and lemon peel. It's blended with onion, garlic and spices and contains no sodium. A perfect rub for chicken legs or salmon roasted over small whole potatoes. It brightens up fresh herb dips for vegetables and adds delicious flavour to fresh goat cheese or a vinaigrette for pasta or grain salads. Sprinkle it on ceviche or grilled scallops, squid or shrimp.

Origin: Canada Canada
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Made in Canada
Salt Free
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    Lemon powder, Herbs, Spices




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