Smoked Paprika 1 oz Davids

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Smoked Paprika 1 oz Davids
1 oz
Smoked Paprika 140 g Davids
140 g

An intense smoked chilli flavour that adds depth and character to cooking. Smoked Paprika is made from pimiento peppers smoked over oak. A traditional seasoning used in Spanish paella, it's also one of the ingredients that adds flavour and red colour to chorizo. It makes an excellent garnish sprinkled on deviled eggs or potato salad. Add it to seasoned flour for fried chicken or marinades and barbeque sauces for pork. It's delicious in compound butter slathered on fresh corn or sprinkled on nuts before roasting.

Origin: Spain Spain
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    • NATURALLY GLUTEN-FREE – On top of being salt free, our smoked paprika is also naturally gluten-free, making it possible for people of a wide range of diets to enjoy this delicious spice. Our rub contains no preservatives or additives.
    • VITAL INGREDIENT IN PAELLA – Smoked paprika is a traditional seasoning used in the classic spanish paella dish, and is essential for a genuine production of the dish. And with an ingredient list consisting of simply just paprika, you can rest assured you’re getting the real thing with no extra ingredients you didn’t sign up for.
    • VERSATILE INGREDIENT – Smoked paprika isn’t just good for a delicious paella. It’s a very versatile seasoning that gives chorizo its nice red colour, acts as a lovely garnish for devilled eggs or potato salad, is great for marinades and BBQ sauces, and adds an extra kick of flavor to corn or roasted nuts. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!
    • PRODUCT OF CANADA – Our smoked paprika is proudly produced locally in Canada, where we can personally monitor the quality of our spices and assure it maintains a high standard of excellence.