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Be transported to Hawaii when you add David’s Taste of Hawaii seasoning to your food. This condiment includes the flavoursome ingredients of pineapple, muscovado sugar, paprika, chilli, turmeric, ginger, onion, celery, garlic and black pepper. Famous for its pineapple plantations, Hawaii’s cuisine favours fresh pineapple in its dishes. The pineapple in this condiment helps evoke feelings of being on a warm beach looking out at the surf while biting into a juicy slice of pineapple. The Big Island is a culinary hub with many famous dishes to boast about. Cook your own style of taro chips by thinly slicing sweet potatoes and coating them in this seasoning before roasting them in the oven. If you love raw fish, recreate Hawaiian poke with some tuna. Mix the Taste of Hawaii seasoning into a dip to accompany your fish along with a bowl of steaming rice. Make your own version of lomi salmon using this condiment instead of salt. Another popular taste of the Pacific is pork. Hawaiians love pork dishes so be sure to coat some pork in this seasoning before slow roasting it. Enjoy the smoky flavour of the tender meat accompanied by a big helping of rice.

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    Pineapple, muscovado sugar, herbs, spices, black pepper.



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