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    Spirulina, Buckwheat Grass Powder, Alfalfa Grass Powder


    • SINGLE QUALITY INGREDIENT – Each of these superfoods are 100% pure and contain only ONE ingredient. Spirulina Powder, Buckwheat Grass Powder, or Alfalfa Grass Powder. This ensures you can be confident knowing there are no preservatives, additives or extra ingredients you didn’t sign up for.
    • SPIRULINA POWDER – Packed with iron and protein, making it a perfect addition to vegan diets. On top of being rich in a plethora of other nutrients, spirulina is very high in antioxidants, which are widely known for their positive health effects.
    • ALFALFA GRASS POWDER – A superfood with immune boosting and anti inflammatory properties. made from raw alfalfa juice that's freeze-dried and has a deep green colour and a mild grassy flavour. It's nutrient dense, one teaspoon is the nutritional equivalent of eating a spinach salad.
    • BUCKWHEAT GRASS POWDER – High in protein and fibre, buckwheat grass is milled into a fine powder that can be easily incorporated into your dishes. The taste is mild, slightly resembling oatmeal, which is the perfect ingredient to take on the flavor of other ingredients. It can be used to make pancakes, noodles, and a great and healthy addition to your regular dessert recipes.
    • INTEGRATES EASILY INTO YOUR DIET – You can easily integrate one or all of these superfoods into your diet by blending them into your smoothies, yogurts, teas, juices, baked goods, hummus, and even water… the possibilities are endless.

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