Ergonomic Kneeling Chairs
by Justin Wright (QFG)

Dealing With Back Pain From Sitting Too Long?

Noticing Your Posture Worsening Over Time?

A Kneeling Chair May Be The Perfect Solution For You!

Anyone with an office job can relate. You'll sit for hours, staring at your screen, and then stand up into a slumped posture with possible back pain. According to the Arthritis Disease Center, an estimated 50% - 80% of Americans will experience back pain at some point in their lives, often due to poor posture.

According to PR Newswire, Americans are sitting an average of 13 hours a day, and according to the British Journal of Sports Medicine, not only does this sedentary lifestyle increase the chances of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes, but it also negatively influences your posture, in turn causing lower back pain.

Your bad posture could be causing your lower back pain.

More and more adults are experiencing back pain every year, and most are unaware many forms of back pain can easily be avoided through encouraging proper posture. 

If you have a sedentary office job (like most of us), then sitting is an inevitable part of the day. Although you should try to get up every once and awhile to walk around and stretch, realistically, you have to complete your day’s work while sitting. So why not learn to sit without causing yourself pain?

One solution, the standing desk, doesn't sit well with some folks, and studies have shown being upright all day can lead to long term fatigue. So what's the office worker to do?

Maintaining good posture is critically important to good spinal health. It's also important for the public to understand that once a disc herniates, or a disc degenerates, you can't regenerate it.

Jay Greenstein Dr.jpg Dr. Jay Greenstein, DC, CKTP, CGFI  •  DC, of Sport & Spine Rehab 

The Solution

Introducing an Inknu Ergonomic Kneeling Chair to your office. Traditional chairs provide your back with complete support at a 90 degree angle, which means your core muscles really aren't doing much work - which is the main reason for poor posture.

After a while, your back starts hunching over your keyboard, and eventually back pain starts to set in.

The lack of back support on a kneeling chair forces your core muscles to get working, and keeps them engaged throughout the entire day. After consistent use you will notice great improvement in your core strength, posture, and overall energy levels. 

You're putting the most pressure on your spine when you sit. Laying down is the best, standing up [is second best]. But, when you sit there's the most compression.

A lot of regular chairs, when you're sitting, people would slump or they would be static. So what happens with these kneeling chairs was it actually changes your posture. You could go to this chair, lean forward, and it changes all the structure of your lower back and the angles and the pressure. And a lot of people feel good doing it.

Dr steve conway.jpg Dr. Steve Conway, DC, JD, DACBOH  •  DC, serves on the Board of Directors of the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (NBCE) 

A 2015 study showed that using a kneeling chair can help with back pain reduce lumbar lordosis - the inward curve of the lower back, which contributes to a lot of back pain, versus a regular office chair.



How a Kneeling Chair Works

Part of how kneeling chairs work to correct posture, and decrease back pain, is by engaging your core as you sit. Keeling chairs will help strengthen your abdominal muscles by forcing you to sit more upright, making your abs activate more to keep your spine stabilized - also known as "Active Sitting", which is encouraged by doctors around the world.

Within just a few days of using a kneeling chair instead of a regular office chair you'll start to notice differences in your posture, energy, confidence, and back pain should be on its way to being gone as your muscles strengthen.

This kneeling chair's ergonomic design will position you with an open hip angle, with your bottom and thighs supported with one pad, and your knees and shins supported with another. This kneeling position eases your hips forward to encourage a more upright posture to better align your shoulders and back.

Inknu kneeling chairs are designed to create a pelvic shift, which forces the lower back to arch and decreases pressure on the facet joint, (the joints in your spine that make your back flexible). This position maintains the natural curve in your lower back.

If your core is not activating as you sit, then all that stress and pressure goes on the ligaments instead of the muscles that are designed to support the spine.

Jay Greenstein Dr.jpg Dr. Jay Greenstein, DC, CKTP, CGFI  •  DC, of Sport & Spine Rehab

According to a 2008 study in Studies in Health Technology and Informatics, ergonomic kneeling chairs set at a 20 degree or more inclination can maintain standing lumbar curvature, your posture, to a greater extent than sitting on any standard computer chair. 

And further research has proven practicing good posture while seated will improve your standing posture, as your back and core muscles will be able to support your skeleton in the correct way. 

What Will It Cost?

You would think a chair boasting these kinds of benefits would run  you hundreds of dollars, but no! Inknu Kneeling Chairs are currently on salefor 25% off, with free Canada wide shipping.

Where Can I Buy An Inknu Kneeling Chair? 

You can purchase an Inknu Kneeling Chair directly from our website by clicking here.

If you would like to leave back pain behind, correct your posture, and get back to enjoying life, you must try out this modern solution to a problem that's affecting millions every day. 

To get the best results from your Inknu Kneeling Chair, follow the following steps:

1. Order a Kneeling Chair before midnight to take advantage of the 25% OFF sale.
2. When you receive your kneeling chair, follow our simple installation pamphlet, or the installation video we'll email to you.
3. Start with just 20 minutes at a time in the chair for the first few days, with 1-2 minute standing breaks in between.
4. Continue with your normal life, work, relax, and experience all life has to offer without back pain or poor posture bringing you down.

Your only regret with this product is that you didn't find it sooner!

What People Like You Have To Say

andrea turner.jpg

Andrea Turner

As the week progressed, I adjusted to the kneeling chair and found it to be a comfortable and engaging office solution. The position the kneeling chair made me sit in actually made me feel much more engaged with my work – I felt ‘awake’ and more focused than I normally do (don’t tell my boss!). 

Jason Lugassy.jpg

Jason Lugassy

I was dealing with some minor lower back pain for the past few months. My girlfriend noticed I was slouching in my computer chair so much while working or playing video games so she bought me one of these kneeling chairs and WOW! Back pain, Gone. Posture, Much Better! Thanks!

Mary Bartolo.jpg

Mary Bartolo

I started working in a new office and couldn't handle sitting still all day at my desk. When I'm in my kneeling chair I feel awake & energized, my back doesn't hurt - it actually feels stronger than ever. I like to change it up, 1 leg in the kneeling chair, 1 leg out etc. To keep moving throughout the day. This works perfect for me, I'd recommend to anyone. 

joe westgate.jpg

Joe Westgate 


Was recommended to buy from a friend after complaining about back pain. I used it for 4 weeks and noticed less pressure and pain in the evenings after work. I've also gotten several comments about my posture, people saying I'm standing taller and look more confident. I'm still using it, no complaints.

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