Assaisonnement Méditerranéen 130 g Davids

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L'Assaisonnement Méditerranéen est inspiré par les fortes saveurs herbacées de la Méditerranée. Préparé avec un mélange d'herbes sauvages et d'assaisonnements comme le basilic, le thym et l'ail, il est fabuleux sur toutes sortes d'aliments grillés, y compris le steak, le poisson, les crustacés et les légumes. Un ajout naturel sur l'agneau et les pommes de terre rôtis, en ratatouille, ou dans une marinade d'huile d'olive pour le fromage de chèvre frais ou les olives. Utilisez-le pour donner de la saveur aux trempettes comme le tzatziki.

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    Ail, coriandre, romarin, poivre noir.



    • 187022
    • SALT-FREE RUB – Made without sodium, our Mediterranean Rub is the perfect way of adding some delicious flavour-filled seasoning to your food in a heart-healthy manner. Most seasonings are packed with salt to cut corners and make up for the lack of flavour. We strive to do the opposite.
    • GLUTEN-FREE – On top of being salt free, our Mediterranean Rub is also gluten-free, making it possible for people of a wide range of diets to enjoy this delicious spice. Our rub contains no preservatives or additives.
    • PERFECT FOR LAMB AND FISH – This Mediterranean Rub is perfect for lamb roast and fish, and is put together to make the perfect and easy seasoning for them on all occasions, with ingredients including garlic, coriander, basil, thyme and other spices. Ease of use with delicious flavour-filled is made this rub is made for!
    • VERSATILE INGREDIENT – This rub isn’t only good for lamb and fish. It’s a very versatile spice that’s delicious on a great on a range of grilled veggies like broccoli, asparagus, zucchini, eggplant and peppers. And it’s perfect on Ratatouille! You can even use it to take your olive oil and balsamic vinegar based salad dressings to the next level. Potatoes and fries are given an extra X factor with this rub. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

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