Rib Rub 1 oz Davids

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Rib Rub 1 oz Davids
1 oz
Rib Rub Spice 200 g Davids
200 g

Nothing says barbecue like the sweet, fruity, smoky flavour of mesquite. And nobody does it better than David’s Condiments. The expertly combined spices with just the right amount of smoky mesquite heat makes an impeccable rub for ribs. But don’t stop there, try it on other bold gamey grilled meats like duck, brisket, lamb, and even chicken. While packed with smoky flavour, it will not overpower creamy dressings, dips, or marinades. So get ready for great taste.

Origin: Canada Canada
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Made in Canada
Salt Free
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    sucre de canne, poivre noir, paprika, oignon, ail, moutarde, arôme mesquite (maltodextrine de maïs, arôme fumée de mesquite, dioxyde de silicium - agent anti-agglomérant), vinaigre en poudre (maltodextrine de maïs, amidon modifié, vinaigre blanc distillé), spiruline acide citrique, spiruline bleue (tréhalose, citrate de sodium).

    • SWEET AND SMOKY – This sweet and smoky dry rub is sure to be used all summer long and even into the colder months. It is sure to amp up your grilling but if you don’t have a bbq or it’s getting a bit nippy, no problem! This rub is nothing short of amazing in the oven as well. Enjoy the smoky flavour without even having to turn on your BBQ!
    • USAGE – Rib Spice Rub is not limited to ribs and that’s what makes it a top universal spice. Enjoy this dry rub on steaks or any meat product. Perfect for family gatherings or summer bbq. Just sprinkle it on to marinate or right before pulling off of the bbq. We can guarantee you will not be disappointed.
    • MARINATE – Try the Rib Spice Rub overnight to soak in some juicy, delicious smoky flavour. Simply spread the spice over the ribs and place in plastic wrap, followed by foil. Place them in the refrigerator overnight or even just for 30 minutes if you’re short on time. Take them out to BBQ and enjoy the flavours this spice brings to the table.
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