Goût de Londres 145 g Davids

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In honour of London’s diverse culinary scene, David’s Taste of London seasoning includes a varied mix of ingredients to bring forth different tastes of the capital’s cuisine. This blend includes malt vinegar, Chinese five spice, mustard, turmeric, juniper berry and dill weed. From this smorgasbord of flavours, perhaps the first to hit your senses will be the vinegar. Fish and chips is a must when visiting London so cook some traditional fish and chips at home and incorporate the seasoning into the batter for an authentic taste. For a hearty meal, you can’t beat the classic dish of bangers and mash. Londoners love putting a bit of mustard on their sausages and the mustard in this seasoning does just the trick to add that kick to your gravy. Beef Wellington is another firm favourite so season the meat with this mix before wrapping it in pastry. As it cooks, the blend of flavours will infuse with the meat, giving it a delicious taste that will have you wanting more. As a multicultural hub, Londoners love to eat Chinese cuisine so season some roast duck with this mix or coat some shrimp and vegetables with it before mixing them into a bowlful of noodles.

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    vinaigre de malt (maltodextrine, vinaigre de malt d'orge, amidon alimentaire modifié), cinq épices chinoises, moutarde, curcuma, baie de genièvre, aneth.