Melange de Guafres Ceto 300 g Davids

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Do you love waffles for breakfast but are trying to cut carbs? Whether you are following a strict keto diet or just want to serve up a wonderfully delicious breakfast that just happens to be keto friendly, low carb, and healthier, then David’s keto waffles are the perfect choice. Evidence suggests that replacing carbs with healthy fats supplies energy to the brain and reduces blood sugar and insulin levels. So, grab David’s Keto Waffle Mix, mix with rice or almond milk and an egg, fire up the waffle maker, and enjoy.

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    Farine d'amande, avoine, farine de noix de coco, érythritol, poudre d'inuline, levure chimique, gomme xanthane, poudre de datte, sel marin, lécithine de soja, vanille.

    • INSTRUCTIONS – Combine 1 Cup of mix, ⅓ Cup Rice or Almond Milk & 1 Egg and blend well. Butter or oil a frying pan and portion into your waffle maker. Serve HOT!
    • MEAL IDEA – Serve these Keto Waffles hot with butter, syrup, berries, or toasted almonds, or a squeeze of lemon juice, berries, or fold in sugar free chocolate chips for an indulgent breakfast treat.
    • INGREDIENTS – Almond flour, filberts, coconut flour, erythritol, inulin powder, baking powder, gum xanthan, soy lecithin, date powder, sea salt, and vanilla for that familiar great taste. Because it is made with almond and coconut flour, this delicious keto pancake mix is naturally gluten free.
    • ALMOND & COCONUT FLOUR – Both of these flour substitutes are full of nutrition and have great health benefits. Almond flour is high in protein, vitamin E, magnesium, and low in carbohydrates. While coconut flour is high in dietary fiber and also low in carbohydrates.